Frequently Asked Questions

What type of shared ownership is best for me?

If you’re looking to get involved in shared ownership it’s worth considering whether you want to have a horse/s on the flat or the jumps; which location will suit you best and how much money you would like to spend. You can search by all of these specific criteria via the search function at In the Paddock to find an option to suit you.

Can anyone join a racing club or syndicate?

If the syndicate or racing club is advertised in the public domain such as on a website, then anyone is welcome to join. It is always worth having a chat with the trainer or syndicate/club manager before committing to find out what kind of experience they offer and the cost of being involved.

How often will I be able to visit my horse/s at the trainer’s yard?

Each syndicate or racing club will offer a different experience and it is advisable to check with the syndicate/racing club manager or trainer on the frequency of organised stable visits, raceday badge allocation and other events.

Who will look after the racehorse?

The care and training of the racehorse is the responsibility of the trainer who will also be responsible for its race planning and entries. All trainers in the UK are licensed by the governing body, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA).

What do I wear at the races when our horse runs?

Most racecourse websites will have a dress code, so this is a good place start. Alternatively, you can ask the syndicate/racing club manager for advice on what to wear.

Where do I collect my owner’s badges for the races and meet the rest of the syndicate?

It is best to check with your syndicate/racing club manager in advance of the raceday, who should provide you with all the relevant information along with allocation of badges and collection details.

What areas can I access on the racecourse as an owner/with an owner’s badge?

Each racecourse will vary so it’s best to check with them where your owner’s badge will allow you. Generally an owner’s badge allows you entry into the racecourse, the pre-parade ring, the paddock, the Owners’ & Trainers’ bar as well as the pre-parade ring and saddling area. If you are part of a syndicate/racing club with 12+ members, access to certain areas maybe limited and it is best to check with your syndicate/racing club manager.

Am I entitled to prize money won by the racecourse and how will I receive this?

Should your racehorse win or place, it will be awarded prizemoney which is shared amongst the ownership entity, trainer and jockey. Weatherbys releases the share of prize money due to all the relevant entities and the syndicate or club will then distribute it to its members as per their contract terms. It is important to check with the syndicate or racing club on their prize money distribution terms as these vary.